Nearn is the world in which our campaign takes place. It is one of the twenty Planes of Existence. This page will contain general information regarding Nearn.

The People

Nearn is very racially diverse. The races of Nearn, that are considered civilized, (in order of prominence or commonness) are:


Aside from the races listed above, Nearn is also teeming with other kinds of life. Many creatures that we have here on Earth are also present on Nearn. However, magical beasts like Beholders, Griffons, Dragons and Goblins all roam the land. Some as domesticated friends and others as fearsome beasts.


Nearn is made up of four distinct continents. These continents are:


Like our Earth, Nearn’s climate varies depending on where one might find oneself. More information will come to this section when it is available.


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